Franklin Elementary School

Search Engines

 Search Engines


Yahoo for kids, designed for ages 7 to 12. Sites are hand-picked to be appropriate for students to read and use for research.
KidsClick lists about 5,000 web sites in different categories. 

Ask Jeeves for Kids
Enter a question and ASk Jeeves will try to point you to the web page that can help answer your question. 

Looksmart's Kids Directory
This site has over 20,000 kid friendly websites for students to use in safe searching as they research different topics.

ALA Great Web Sites for Kids
These sites offer high quality sites selected by the American Library Association for student use.

Fact Monster
This site offers facts adn information to meet the needs of school age students.

Google offers extensive searching options from text to images. Please make sure to evaluate the information that you are getting from any of these search engines. Just because it is on Google does not make it good information!
CybeSleuth Kids
CyberSleuth offers clipart, images, illustrations, photographs images and sounds to use for fun and for projects.